Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Home from History!

We made it home in 11 hours today. We made several stops on the way home, much more than on the way up.

We stopped in Northern Virginia on a newspaper hunt. We found Washington Post, Washington Times, Baltimore Sun, Wall Street Journal and NY Times!

We stopped in Blacksburg and drove through Virginia Tech to give a Hokie Hokie Hi! Rigby had to do that. We stopped near campus and ate at one of our favorite pizza places, Backstreets. Good stuff - Rigby ate three slices of a 16-inch pizza. Lucy just wanted to sprinkle "sugar" on hers (we know it as Parmesan cheese)

Most of Southwest Virginia was blanketed in snow, and we stopped at a rest area to play real quick - the kids do not get much of a chance to see snow. Thing is, it was 20 degrees and the wind was whipping so we did not stay long.

We drove on through after that and the kids fell asleep soon after we entered Tennessee.

It is great to be home, but such an indescribable feeling about what we did over the last six days and the experience we had on January 20, 2009.

We will have some final observations and fun one-liners our kids had posted soon.

Good night! We got work and school tomorrow!

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